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Looking for an easy to use list of resources? You can surf the World Wide Web(which you and me call by ‘the internet’) and find an ocean of resources there! But it’s too difficult to find a reliable source, with correct information and that takes learning step-by-step (from Zero to intermediate to advanced level).

This blog brings the resources together, that fulfill the thirst for knowledge.

Being a Computer Sc. and Engineering student myself, I spend lot of my time learning new technologies online. So, I am sharing my list of resources, which you can use as a resource or even as a checklist, and fallback on these for support. 😃️

Not only CS students, anyone with interest in technology and wants to know more about them can use these resources.

Disclaimer: Use the resources for legal purposes only, and for betterment of your own and community.

Standard course books are the best resource to follow for in depth knowledge and practice, but it takes too much time to complete them. But stills books can be referred.

General resources of use to a Computer Science student —

  1. Google dorking- This can be used for effective searches, but for valid reasons.
  2. IBM — Yeah IBM too has valuable resources which you can look out here. For topics related to technology, one can find courses here and relevant tutorials here.
  3. Google for education — Google provides tutorials and documentations for their products, services and APIs. Specific tutorials for python and C++ can be found on the links.
  4. Wikipedia- I know it’s obvious, but also you can contribute to a Wikipedia page if you really know something in depth, and improve the articles.

For open-source programming:

  1. Github — It is version control platform used for collaboration b/w teams and to host code. Many open-source projects like Linux, Wireshark, Drupal, etc. can be found hosted here, where one can contribute.

Getting started with contributing to open source

How to Contribute to Open Source

For competitive programming:

For DS & Algorithm — There are many resources for DS & Algo, apart from the standard book — Introduction to Algorithm by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein, I personally recommend DS & Algo by Abdul Bari(A friend suggested me this and now I’m suggesting it to u 😃️).

These are different platforms where coding and particularly competitive coding can be practiced. They provide practice and challenges level by level for competitions such as ACM-ICPC, Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker cup etc.

  1. CodeChef — It’s a great platform to practice for competitive coding.
  2. HackerRank — It’s useful if you have just started out with programming. You can start from HackerRank and once you have acquired enough knowledge about a particular language, you can switch to Codechef to practice on harder problems.
  3. LeetCode
  4. InterviewBit
  5. Project Euler — Has problems that require programming and mathematical skills to solve them.

Platform for help, Q/A type-

Image by-:-

These forums are very helpful when you are in situation where you attempted but can’t find a way to proceed further.

  1. Stack Overflow — Not only for technology based questions(forums such as Ask Ubuntu, Database Administrators, Data Science and more) but also for questions in other domains like Technical writing, Science, Arts etc., you can find solutions to most of your questions.
  2. Reddit
  3. Quora — It has various groups dedicated for technology topics.

General Tech based knowledge:

  1. Medium — BetterProgramming, TowardsDataScience, n etc. This one really is repository of knowledge and that’s why I write here. 😉️
  2. GeeksforGeeks — This is go-to place for many students who are somehow related to computers/CS field.
  3. PCMag — a tech magazine. It has great articles about current technologies and if you want to know more about cool stuffs, do visit their site.
  4. Analytics India Magazine — Analytics India Magazine chronicles technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science & big data in India.

Interested in hacking/ cyber security/ bug bounties? :

Security of computer world and technologies related to it- This field requires knowledge about various technologies but their are certain approaches made to attack the systems/software/web applications.

  1. OWASP — They provide list of top 10 vulnerabilities.
  2. Web Security Academy — The creators of famous tool Burp, provide more knowledge about different vulnerabilities and also practice labs for them. For a beginner this is a perfect place to start.
  3. TheHackerNews — Apart from learning and practicing, it’s very important to be aware of ongoing trends in cybersecurity and new emerging vulnerabilities. TheHackernews is just for that.

Popular Bug bounty platforms and vulnerable machines to practice and hunt bugs — HackerOne, Bugcrowd, Intigriti, VulnHub, TryHackMe.

To get much complete and comprehensive guide about the resources, check this blog by Pratik Dabhi. It’s really helpful.

For Web Development:

  1. w3schools — To learn about web technologies, this is the best place to start. Apart from tutorials, they provide interface where one can also run the piece of code and see what it code does.
  2. w3resources
  3. — Yes, that Mozilla!, remember the great browser — Mozilla Firefox. They also provide guides and tutorials on web technologies and web development.

Linux based knowledge:

  1. — official site for GNU-bash reference
  4. It’s FOSS

Machine Learning/ Data Science/ Computer Vision etc. -

  1. Google Scholar — to view research papers
  2. TowardsDataScience publication in Medium
  3. Kaggle
  4. Real Python
  5. machinelearningmastery — This site is really helpful as it has blogs for many topics that are involved in implementing ML/DL/CV knowledge.
  6. pyimagesearch

For course based content-

Many different free courses can be taken on different sites available but I’m including only those here, that I have used.

  1. NPTEL
  2. Swayam
  3. Coursera
  4. MIT OpenCourseWare
  5. Harvard
  6. Udacity — They have some great scholarships for courses. Do apply for them.

Useful channels on YouTube —

The channels listed below cover wide array of topics — from learning tech skills to how to be motivated sessions to what to do after.. etc. Do look for these channels as they are my personal best.

  1. Code for Cause
  2. Automation Step by Step
  3. Sandip Das
  4. Love Babbar
  5. MIT OpenCourseWare
  6. Rachit Jain
  7. Corey Schafer
  8. TensorFlow — This is obvious one but if you’re not aware it does exist.
  9. Microsoft, Google and Facebook Developer channels
  10. DataStax Developers

Podcasts you can listen to :

  1. The Stack Overflow Podcast
  2. The Real Python Podcast
  3. JavaScript Jabber
  4. Darknet Diaries
  5. Towards Data Science
  6. Ted Talks Daily
  7. We Hack Purple Podcast
  8. Security Now
  9. The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show
  10. Getting Into InfoSec
  11. Cloudcast Basics
  12. AWS CLOUD the Basics

Great ! you read it till end. Now use the resources to gain more skills and deeper insights into the tech world.

Keep learning! , Keep practicing ! , and Keep coding ! 😄️.

Have a great day!




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